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Matrix Pool Systems – Any Shape. Any Size.

Although not a household word, polymer is a material that you already trust inside and outside your home, from child safety seats to automotive parts to cookware to sailboats. It is a noncorrosive material that provides superior protection and offers exceptional indestructibility.

, Polymer Pools, Savings Pools – Ohio Swimming Pool Installation & Repairs

Unlike traditional polymer pools, which use only one type of polymer, Imperial uses a two-polymer approach for unlimited flexibility, allowing you to create a pool that is uniquely yours. The options are as boundless as your own imagination!

Our Straight Walls and Fixed-Radius Panels are made of high-impact material and built to be the strongest in the industry.

Our Versa Flex Radius Panels are made of a lightweight and resilient polymer and form to any desired shape you have for your pool.

Unlimited Flexibility

Below the surface rests a structure of uncompromising strength and durability, thanks to our polymer panels with their sturdy Power Grid reinforcing design.


Along with superior, high-tech materials and innovative craftsmanship, your Matrix comes with exclusive surface features that bring timeless beauty to every pool:

Interior Pool Finishes: Soft to the touch, our interior pool finishes come in a variety of alluring patterns. And as your styles change, so can the designs you choose. With the ease of pattern replacement, your pool will always be a reflection of you.

Progressive Coping: The concrete deck of your pool is locked against the walls using our exclusive Progressive Coping, offering a contoured shape, fewer seams, and a low profile edge.

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Call Us Today! 1-513-801-4328